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Our Authority

The secret
of your success is
our authority

everything else can be
but a copy

Das Geheimniss ihres


After five busy years we remain the only provider of
handmade bread specialties in the deep-freeze area.
As our bakery products convince with their
uncompromising quality and the employment of but the purest raw materials, they have found their way into the houses of gourmet chefs and cuisines all over Europe and have become an inherent merchandise to all those
resellers who cherish quality.

Your trust in us, your want of quality has made
us successful. This success has, of course,
brought us and our market niche to the attention of other suppliers of deep-freeze bakery and other products. With one or two simple moves they trim their products until they seem the real thing; however, they do not even come close to the flavour of our breads, to the freshkeeping feature, the allround quality of our specialties.

Actually the unsuccessful attempts to copy our products only highlight the outstanding job that is done in
our bakery. Only the very best is worth copying!

You can rely on us. You know us as supplier of the best delicatessen bakery products and that is exactly
what we will remain

- because everything else can be but a copy.

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