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Our Authority

The secret
of your success is
our authority

everything else can be
but a copy

Das Geheimniss ihres


Quality products so far the eye hands - everything that desires the heart; conceived and
produced according to the requirements of our time.

Convenience par exellence evenly. Best quality to favorable conditions, at any time
available and constantly in quality and execution.

In the middle in the Federal Republic our center lies - well hides in northern Bavaria.
They find us however everywhere - country widely, as well as abroad European. Thus it us
not for a long time to search, come we must gladly to you. Have with our merchandisers
It always the correct wire to all innovations of the TK-world and to „the classical authors
the good taste “: from the knusprigen roll to the exquisiten Snack. They see already,
with us some is for you in it.

Supplied directly to you - carriage free. We are of panExpert at the pulse of the time. With
reliable and trained personnel in service, product development, production,
Storage and logistics stand we for you, when you want, to the side. Product development
seasonally or as continuous racers: gladly, at any time. Standard products lasting in same
Quality: logically, counts itself for you and your customers. Bottlenecks: no problem.
Our delivery service stands
- Truck and pallet with foot
- to drive off ready, in order to bring you all our TK-products in the house
- more than 500 different articles, if you want.
There becomes nevertheless warm one around the heart - or?

Baker quality, which one sees, smells and tastes. Because we know, what you want: that
Best one evenly. And that give we you also - our experience and our passion,
to have exactly the correct products in the offer.
Therefore we stand completely behind our key words:
• Supply country widely
• starting from mixed pallet portions or over selling partners
• Order production
• private label production
• 48-Stunden-Express service
• best support
• instructive training courses
• innovative product development


To let become key words reality,
it requires much know-how and employment.
Daily - around the clock.

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